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Estate planning made easy

Swogger, Bruce & Millar Law Firm P.C. has been helping clients like you plan your estate in order to avoid legal disputes over your possessions, money, and other assets after you die.

Helping you get your benefits and protect your assets

We can create a plan that helps you get your benefits if you need help paying for care. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security disability and Veterans benefits have a complicated set of rules and many people lose assets that could have been saved. Assets can be saved at any time even if you are in a five-year look back or already in a nursing home.

Have a dispute that requires a lawyer? We can help!

Our trained mediators and litigators can assist in resolving your disputes before they go to court or after. Call us for a FREE consultation! We have significant experience in personal injury and product liability litigation, as well as other civil law matters.

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