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Medicaid planning involves helping our clients get Medicaid benefits when they are in a nursing home, assisted living, or need in-home care.  The main obstacle to planning is having “too many” assets.  Low dollar amounts that have not been updated enough to reflect the current financial reality force many seniors to become impoverished before they can receive help paying for long-term care.  One of our jobs as elder law attorneys is to create Medicaid asset protection plans to preserve your assets and protect you and your spouse from losing all your hard earned savings.


"preserve your assets"


Medicaid planning is a field of law that requires specialized experience and education.  There are probably over 250 attorneys in Traverse City that will draft an estate plan for you, but there are less than 20 who are well qualified to create and implement a Medicaid plan.


"specialized experience"


For married couples, it is often possible to protect 100% of their assets if one of them needs long-term care.  For single individuals, we generally protect between 50% - 90% of the client’s assets.


"protect between 50% - 90% of [your] assets"


It is never too late to plan.  The five-year look-back period does not prevent planning; we can save your assets even if you have been in the nursing home for years.  Many people fail to protect assets because they do not believe anything can be done.  However, even in the worst case scenario, we routinely save 50% of a client’s assets.


"It is never too late to plan"


As part of the planning process, we will file the Medicaid application for you, which is often harder than creating and implementing the plan.  Processing of applications routinely takes six months or longer and often require appeals to get your benefits.


"we file the Medicaid application for you"


We offer free initial consultations, so there is no risk to making an appointment to learn about how we can help.  If you, or a loved one, needs long-term care, please contact us to learn how to protect your assets.


"learn how to protect your assets"

Do you think it is too late to protect your assets?


If you have any assets left, it is not too late.

Are all elder law attorneys the same?


Elder law attorneys can be very different.  Some look for the path of least resistance.  We are not afraid to fight for what you deserve.